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SYNOPSIS of Pigs in a Bowl and Project Goals

Posted by et34888 on January 26, 2016 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (1)

We are developing a web-series of about 9 episodes to be completed by Summer or before in 2017. The comedy/drama will be based on the world we live in today from an absurd perspective. A time of upheaval and political revolution. The project will be produced by Wabi Sabi Productions Inc. a 501 c3 Not for profit production company located in the Bronx NY. Emmitt H Thrower is the Founder and CEO of the company and is a Producer, Actor, Director, Filmmaker, Videorgrapher, Editor and Writer. Born in Arkansas and Raised in Brooklyn NY. He is a retired NYC Police Officer.

Bio-engineer Buddy Buddie has witnessed the downfall of all to which he held dear. The streets of the Bronx are haunted with plagued personalities and divided souls. Threats of terrorism and violencehave become a part of everyday life.

The community and world is at conflict with the nature of their new frightening dark environment and their positive inner moral compass. The world is on the precipice. But who is going to pull it back?

Professor Buddy Buddie is forced to try...But how? Using his expertise

as a Bio-engineer and medicinal chemist, he spends months concocting

a formula that acts as an internal mirror for its consumer. The potion or ‘Soup’challenges each person to confront their inner demons and deep internal conflicts. Drinking the soup  allows them to rationalize their fears and alay their worries. The result will leave the user emotionally balanced and at harmony with the world or totally self destructive and out of control.

But as with all medication, there is a period of trial and error and of course the inevitable side affects.

With no-one to help, Prof. Buddy Buddie uses himself as the guinea Pig.

However, a primitive version of the final product rips Buddy’s

personality in two! Releasing his demonic alter-ego Seth who immediately tries to take over the body and cause death and mayhem. Buddy, a flawed but conscientious law abiding citizen

And Seth, a tormented tyrant demon fuelled by rage and jealousy are on a collisin course . Seth is an entity that represents all the negative elements to Buddy’s character and yearns for total recognition and domination in an already egocentric surrounding.

With the powerful and now perfected ‘soup’ in hand, Buddy, and in

effect Seth, decide to distribute this medicine in the form of a

food, and in fact, as a SOUP. He starts a restaurant called ‘THE

SOUP OPERA’. The SOUP OPERA becomes the home for sanctuary in a rabid ferocious world. A favorite place for troubled millennials to hang out. Customers become obsessed with this soup that helps shake loose

their inner demons, beginning a journey that could lead towards internal harmony and peace.

BUT a darkness stirs... Deep within Buddy. Seth’s power grows and strengthins. Attempting to seize control of Buddy’s body, Seth works non stop to destroy everything Buddy has built, including his successful Soup Opera.

When a food poisoning outbreak occurs at the Soup Opera it resulted in

some lives being lost, and some rushed to intensive care for treatment.

Things reach the breaking point! Buddy must challenge Seth for the sake of the community and maybe more... He has to go all in. He must risk it all. The prize... Buddy’s body... for eternity.

But with the help from friend and head chef of "The Soup Opera" 'Hairy' their is a chance. Buddy devises a plan to trap Seth forever in the ether. But Seth knows Buddy too well and plans to not only avoid imprisonment but to infact turn the tables instead and imprison Buddy.

They make a bet... Winner takes all. Only Seth doesn't play by the rules. He simply wants to rule.

The End