Pigs in a Bowl

The Soup is on


Only The Pure In Heart Can Make A Good Soup...Beethoven

                                                        Our Musical Composer and Rap Artist -"Tahch - Boom"
His "Heaven's Hell" Music Video Edited and Directed by our Asst. Director/Editor Michael (Sir Tree) Thrower


A Bio engineer turned restaurant owner creates special soups that slowly compels people to confront their inner demon and make peace, but his own evil alter ego sabotages his efforts in order to gain control of the body for his own wicked purposes.

This is a Comedy-Drama with a political edge set in modern times during the age of the Millennials. Most of the action takes place in “The Soup Opera” an exotic specialty restaurant that attracts tourists and zany locals who use it as a hangout. The main action centers around a trendy urban neighborhood during a period where it is changing due to gentrification and fears of terrorism. There is a general state of anxiety and distrust because of heightened tensions. Buddy a lovable but eccentric Bio Engineer with anger issues, is forced to retire from his job at Big Pharma because of  his constant acts of insubordination. He accuses them of creating a climate of fear, distrust and addiction to their drugs. Creating an environment that is an incubator for evil and empowers the malicious demons  inside us all. There is widespread chaos. People are being tormented in their own neighborhoods.  He is determined to end it with the creation and distribution of his Medicinal Soup.

                                                                                                   Director Emmitt H Thrower